Old Island Burton Ale

Burton Strong Ale

Once one of the major styles of English beer Burton Ale was almost lost to the world. Strong, malty and hoppy this is English beer turned up to 11! Our interpretation combines NZ hops, a blend of British and New Zealand malt and our fruity English yeast strain to create a rich complex winter warmer.
Tasting Notes:
Big aromas of fruity yeast, toffee malt and  tangy hops give way to an assertive but balanced  palate that presents dry dark sugar flavours and a firmly bitter finish.
Food Matches:
Lanchashire hotpot, beef pie, hard cheeses.
Grist: NZ Mild Ale, Crystal , Amber , Special W and Black Malt.
Hops: NZ Fuggels, NZ Styrians, Pacific Jade, Pacifica, NZ Cascade.
Yeast: English Ale
ABV : 6.5%
IBU: 55
SRM: 22

Available in 50L & 30L kegs, 20L bags and 440ml cans.

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