Baby Grand

Young Flemish Red Ale

The first release from our barrel aging program. Baby Grand has been blended from the barrels that will eventually become our ‘Grand Cru’ aged Flemish Red Ale. On brew day we combined a range of rich European red malts , a little corn, some oats and a handful of Waimea hops. The beer was then fermented with our clean American ale yeast before being transferred to two former Bordeaux Blend Red Wine barrels where the magic began to happen. There is no doubting that Baby Grand is youthful and full of barrel fruit and oak, an exciting preview of what is to come.
Tasting Notes:
After 6 Months Baby Grand is bursting with oak and red fruit notes from the wine barrel, spicy tart  notes from the mixed fermentation, and a wonderful fruit loaf character.
Food Matches:
Pork, Pate , Terrine, Washed Rind Cheese.
Grist: NZ Mild Malt, Carared , Special W, Golden Naked Oats, Flaked Maize, cane sugar.
Hops: Waimea
Yeast: American Ale, Brettanomyces , Lactobacillus, Pediococcus, Sherry Flor.
ABV :  6.0%
IBU:  5
SRM: 16


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