osbWe have a very limited release beer about to hit a couple of taps around the place. O.S.B. is an English best bitter recipe I have been formulating and tweaking for the last decade. Originally the initials stood for O-Street Bitter referring to a flat I had in Owen St Newtown. Fast forward to 2014 and the North End Brewery is all but on the corner of Ngaio Rd and Omahi Street, it felt right to bring this recipe back under the name Omahi Special Bitter. I decided to hop this one with just the one variety of hop, the NZ grown Challenger variety that also features prominently in our ESB. I love the best bitter style , at their best these beers are sessionable, fruity, hoppy and malty without any character dominating the other.  O.S.B. was a small batch used to culture up yeast for a production brew of Field Way A.P.A. so there isn’t much to go round. One keg will go on the FYO at Regional while the rest is destined for handpump with the bulk of it likely to go on at Long Beach.  The full specs are here.



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