hopbackAt Beervana this year we will be pouring the rarest beer we have ever brewed. Blanc de Houblon (or White Hop) is a special White Belgo IPA that blends elements of the NZ IPA, Wit and Saison styles together to create a very hoppy , spicy, unique beer. The result is stunning if we do say so ourselves and we hope some of you manage to taste it. The reason Blanc de Houblon will be so rare is that due to the excessive level of late and dry hopping we employed , 17.4g per Litre for the geeks out there, the yield from the batch was very small. We managed to fill 2x 30L kegs from the 160L batch. Both of these kegs will be on at our bar at Beervana. We may have to ration the beer so that it is on sale at every session. If you get a chance to try it I would love to hear what you think of it. Cheers KHM


P.S. The pic above wasn’t actually of our brew but it does represent the level of ‘greening’ our Blanc de Houblon wort experienced.

2 thoughts on “Rarity

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